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At IMAGES Hairdressing Salon Ltd in Enderby we pride ourselves on good quality customer service. We believe that every part of your treatment should be achieved to the highest possible standard, any less just isn't good enough. We aim to give you aftercare and style advice to ensure you can manage and enjoy your hairstyle at home.

As the proud owner of IMAGES Hairdressing Salon Ltd I am dedicated to the quality of service offered within my salon. Having over 20 years experience in the hairdressing industry has given me a variety of experience, including 8 years in a Leicestershire salon, 7 years teaching hairdressing at Loughborough College and 10 years of mobile hairdressing around Leicestershire.

Throughout my career I have taken every qualification available to me, ensuring whatever I do is to the highest standard. The combination of salon, teaching and mobile experience has enabled me to create IMAGES Hair Salon Ltd, which is welcoming and attractive to all. It has a sense of home comfort with a professional touch.

Our warm and friendly approach ensures you feel that you are part of IMAGES Hair Salon Ltd from the moment you enter. We want you to feel you are appreciated. How you feel matters to us too.

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